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Max Stahl

Democracy for America

Max started his career at Democracy for America in March of 2012 when he joined the Political Department as our Northeast Regional Field Organizer. He got his start in Politics at 19 as the youngest paid Field Organizer on the Obama campaign in October 2007. After working in seven states as a Field Organizer, Max spent the General Election in Missouri managing 10 field organizers, spread out over 25 counties in 5 offices.  

After the campaign, Max returned to Brandies University where he got his degree in Political Science and led a campaign to reform Dining Services that garnered the signatures of more than half the undergraduate population. Both during and after college he worked on five Progressive campaigns in a variety of management, field, digital and fundraising roles. At his most recent campaign position he led the effort in the only Senate recall of a Republican in Wisconsin last June.  

Max is a Progressive to his core and has a driving passion to make Government more democratic, fair and just. He believes strongly that the key to long term Progressive success is to both build grassroots power and limit the influence of money on the political progress.